PTR: The Choice of Top Retail Markets

  • PTR: The Choice of Top Retail Markets

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    PTR Baler and Compactor Company is the industry leader in meeting the waste equipment needs of the retail market. Our retail waste solutions experts work with 16 out of the 20 top retail chains in the country.

    PTR has decades of experience working with various retail markets. Retail chains know how critical it is to keep floor space clear, for both safety reasons and efficiency. If sustainability is one of your main goals, PTR’s waste management equipment can help you achieve it. We will analyze the waste stream and provide a custom solution for your company. Our professional staff can assist you whether you are opening a new retail establishment, replacing your old waste baler or compactor, or looking for repair for your current recycling equipment.

    Ethically and economically, sustainability policies are critical for all retail businesses today. PTR products are the key to reaching your company’s recycling goals. What was once considered waste, is now a valuable commodity. Instead of further contributing to our country’s growing landfills, you’re diverting that ‘waste’ to a recycling facility. Everything from cardboard, plastic bags, shrink wrap, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and co-mingled recyclables (sandwich bales), are all perfect candidates for waste diversion. Our full line of vertical hydraulic balers come in a variety of sizes to suit your retail business’s individual needs. The benefits are three fold; you’ll meet your waste stream requirements, convert waste removal expense into a revenue stream, and benefit the environment.

    Retail establishments including home supply chains, clothing chains and large department stores typically deal with mostly dry waste. Stationary compactors are usually the best equipment to deal with dry waste streams. Check out of full collection of sizes and styles to find the stationary compactor that will work best for you.

    Why choose PTR balers & compactors? Your employee’s safety is one of our top priorities when developing our equipment. All of products meet OSHA and NOISH recommendations and are fully UL approved. We put every product through extensive testing, meticulously engineered and inspected, and they are build to last.

    Our Bioloc secure access option is the ideal solution for retail chains who must meet OSHA and NOISH standards, as well as helping to reduce shrinkage and preventing employees under 18 from accessing the baler or compactor.

    PTR delivers, installs and services your waste equipment to locations across the country, from coast to coast. Our technicians are highly skilled and thoroughly trained professionals. Our product is the highest quality available in the market and backed with a comprehensive warranty. The difference between a PTR baler or compactor and a cheap imitation is a safer, longer lasting, more efficient waste management system for your business. Choose PTR and you’ll be reaping the benefits of that choice for years to come. Click here to contact us today.