PTR Continues to Deliver Solutions – A Public Market in the Lehigh Valley Gets an Upgrade

  • PTR Continues to Deliver Solutions – A Public Market in the Lehigh Valley Gets an Upgrade

    Upgrading to a Vertical Baler, Self Contained Compactor or Stationary Compactor can solve multiple problems and increase efficiency a great deal. Case in point: A Public Market in the Lehigh Valley was using an unsightly dumpster, awkwardly placed on a side street behind the market. Vendors would wheel their trash out to the dumpster throughout the week. This created an ugly and smelly situation. Further when it was time to empty the dumpster the side street would be temporarily closed in order for the truck to do its work. Customers were turned off because they would have to walk right by this dumpster to use one of the Market’s entry ways. It was becoming more and more of a problem.

    PTR came up with a solution. A compactor housed in the parking garage behind the Market. It is still close by so vendors can easily and quickly take out their trash. It looks so much nicer than a random dumpster in the street. The bad odor is gone. All of the vendors can easily operate the compactor, with the many safety controls in place. Taking the compacted trash away is no longer disruptive.

    This is also a more efficient solution. It saves time for everyone from the vendors to the trash collectors. It just makes sense all around – from the safety to the nice new clean look. Previously trash would fall out of the dumpster and scatter. Rodents started to become a problem.

    As you can see from the pictures the change is huge. Everything is nice and spiffy, the vendors are happy, the customers are happy and waste is efficiently managed.

    Have a challenge with your waste management? Contact us to discuss custom solutions today! From compactors like this to vertical balers that save space, PTR has a solution for you.