PTR’s Innovative Technology a Cost-Saving Solution

  • PTR’s Innovative Technology a Cost-Saving Solution

    Important Update Regarding ELD Mandate:

    As many of you may now, just as of December, drivers and carriers are now required to have ELDs (electronic logging devices) in their trucks. Drivers will now have to use these devices to track their HOS (hours-of-service).

    The new ‘ELD mandate’ will have the greatest effect on smaller carriers, since larger organizations have been using ELDs for some time now. There is concern over whether the mandate will result in an increase in the cost of good across the board. This is because of the extra cost the owners and operators of the organizations will incur, which may be then be passed down to the consumer.
    With the mandate comes even more enforceable regulations. For example, the length of time you can drive without taking a break is now predetermined and tracked. Additionally, there are other steps drivers must take. The intention of the mandate was to make a safer work environment for drivers, however there is also concern over whether it will cause drivers to feel rushed in order to ‘beat the clock’.

    More information about how the ELD mandate will effect drivers, carriers, manufacturers, and more can be found here. Now more than ever, productivity in all other facets of the organization will become even more important. Cost-saving equipment like our revolutionary Self-Contained Scale can help mitigate the extra expenses caused by the ELD mandate. This innovative scale is the solution to eliminating overweight containers, allowing your organization to optimize pickups for required weights and saving you big on tipping fees. Our weight monitoring system is available for both vertical balers and compactors. Click here to learn more.

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