Recycling By the Numbers

  • Recycling By the Numbers

    We gathered some fun and interesting facts about recycling

    At PTR Baler & Compactor, we have helped many clients start recycling programs. Our vertical balers are suited for this. Its smart all the way around – saving the planet, which saving money or making money! We have many options for every budget – from rebuilt vertical balers to models like 7248HD.

    Approximately 350,000 aluminum cans are made per minute!
    Aluminum does not break down and is not biodegradable. It will still be the same after hundreds of years.
    Recycling one aluminum can equals enough power to run a television for three hours.

    A 60 watt bulb can run all day on the energy saves recycling one pound of steel.
    More than 600 steel cans are recycled every second in America.
    Almost 70 percent of all steel is recycled in America each year – more than glass, aluminum, plastic and paper.
    100% of a steel roof is able to be recycled, versus asphalt roofs, which is zero percent!

    One ton of recycled paper can save approximately 18 trees.
    In 2020, 60% of paper used in America was recycled.
    A ton of recycled paper saves over 3.2 cubic yards of landfill space
    Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle

    In America, approximately 2,000,000 plastic bottles are used every hour!
    Plastic bottles take about 700 years before they start to decompose and break down.
    Recycling plastic can be tricky, depending on recycling centers in your area.
    In general about 75% of our trash can be recycled. Its essential and a no-brainer these days.
    Looking to start a recycling program? Contact us today!