Recycling in America – Improvement is needed and opportunities abound

  • Recycling in America – Improvement is needed and opportunities abound

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the recycling rate in America for glass, plastic, cardboard and paper is merely 32%. This percentage includes collection from residential and business trash. (read article here)

    This is an alarming statistic. Recycling is important for a myriad of reason. And it matters to all of us. We all benefit when recycling is in effective. At PTR we’re proud of helping many businesses set up recycling programs across the country. We can all pitch in to help improve the recycling numbers and make a difference – whether it be big or small.

    Recycling programs
    If your business generates recyclable waste you should definitely consider getting a hydraulic vertical baler. Quickly, safely and efficiently bale cardboard and paper, aluminum cans and more. Depending on your area you can turn that waste into cash. Contact local recycling centers to learn about what they may pay for your bales.

    We make it easy to set up a program with both brand new vertical balers or choose from PTR rebuilt. Our rebuilt balers cost less, but they perform very well. Each one goes through a 52 point inspection and they are thoroughly reconditioned. Contact sales to learn more.

    Opportunity knocks
    If there is more to grow with recycling, that means there is room for business to grow as well! Starting a recycling program and educating your community about the benefits of recycling can turn into profits. Imagine if the number doubled to 64% of business actively recycling … there needs to be vertical balers to deal with all that. There is clearly a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

    Every little bit helps. If your business doesn’t generate enough waste to have a recycling program, encourage employees to recycle. Post signs in the lunch room or start a friendly competition to see who can recycle the most. Make it easy with recycling bins in the appropriate places. Making it easy for employees to recycle paper makes a big difference. Encourage employees to recycle at home as well. Education is also important – not everyone understand what can and can’t be recycled. Or that ideally containers should be cleaned prior to recycling.
    If we all keep recycling top of mind, we can make difference.