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    PTR compactors are the highest quality, most durable and reliable on the market. We have a variety of models of both self-contained and stationery compactors. The key difference between the two types of compactors is the type of waste they process. If your company deals with a fair amount of wet waste, such as a restaurant or hospital, a self-contained unit will best suit your needs, whereas stationary compactors are appropriate for dry waste.

    Our PTR Self-Contained ‘Pak-Tite’ series of waste compactors are the ideal equipment to handle your wet-waste requirements. Every unit is made with heavy duty structural steel and equipped with our ‘Clean Flush Sump System allows liquid to flow out into the 750 gallon sump reservoir. From there, it goes directly to your sewer system. You’ll see an considerable savings in hauling fees. The innovative design ensures better compaction, more efficient water runoff and eliminates leakage. Every unit is thoroughly water tested and completes a factory inspection. Rest assured, each unit is also 100% U.L approved and manufactured in the United States by certified welders of the American Welding Society.

    Our self-contained units are a great choice for many industries, including:
    • Supermarkets
    • Malls
    • Movie Theaters
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Food processors
    • Retail Supercenters who frequently process wet waste.

    Exceptional Standard Features Include:

    • Universal understructure
    • Full container light
    • Double end pickup
    • Full door seal
    • Quick disconnects
    • 100% U.L approved

    Additional options are also available. These include PTR BioLoc for added security and safety, side and rear chutes, doghouse or total enclosure, odor control Sonazaire®, ‘One Plus®’ fullness monitoring system, and a hydraulic tailgate.

    We offer 42″ and 52″ feed heights ranging in container volume from 12 to 35 cubic yards. For more on our most popular models, click here.


    Our line of stationary compactors efficiently and safely compress dry waste. You’ll benefit from a significant reduction in overall cost associated with waste removal. The reduction in waste also means less contribution to land-fills, improving your company’s carbon footprint. This equipment is the answer you’ve been looking for to get your company to implement sustainability policies. There are a number of models to choose from. No matter how big or small your business, we have a model that will work for you. For more information on available models, click here.

    Great for industries like:
    • Waste haulers
    • Home supply chains
    • Apartment buildings
    • Clothing and merchandise chains
    • Distribution warehouses
    • College campuses
    • Government institutions

    Heavy duty models and apartment compactors are also available. Contact us here for more information.

    Standard features on all models include:
    • PTR’s best in class warrranty
    • 100% UL and ETL approved
    • Full container light
    • 3 phase tri-voltage motor
    • Push button controls on 13′ remote
    • Ratchets with grab claws
    • Option of standard color paint

    We also offer additional features for stationary compactors including our PTR BioLoc, side and rear chutes, doghouse or total enclosure, odor control Sonazaire®, One Plus® fullness monitoring system and an oil heater.

    Have questions or still not sure of which is best for you? Contact us here. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.