Sustainability – Help the Earth and Your Bottom Line

  • Sustainability – Help the Earth and Your Bottom Line


    Companies large and small have embraced Sustainability initiatives in increasing numbers of the past several years. More and more investors, clients and potential employees are paying attention to this. It matters.

    Not everyone is on board though. Some companies claim it will hurt their bottom line or the options are not practical. Sure, some things can be more costly. However looking more deeply at the cause and effect is needed.

    • 68% of companies state Sustainability is a top priority

    • 33% of companies increased efficiencies and decreased costs due to their Sustainability programs

    • 24% increased revenue growth by way of their Sustainability programs

    • 32% experienced more innovation as a result of their Sustainability efforts.

    This last stat is particularly interesting. Innovation in business is a must. Otherwise you’re dying on the vine. The only problem is, many companies struggle to spend time on innovation because it doesn’t deliver immediate results. They’re caught up in the day to day in an increasingly challenging work environment. Inflation, supply chain problems, materials shortages and staffing issues take up a lot of time.

    By starting a Sustainability program, innovation can be tied in with that. Its more about just figuring out ways to go green and show that off. Its about challenging assumptions in your business – this leads to both innovation and sustainability. They go hand in hand. Exploring sustainability as it relates to all aspects of one’s business can lead in interesting and often untested directions.

    Some tips to get a Sustainability program going:

    • Work on a mission statement so the entire team understands the mission.

    • Align sustainability goals with overall company goals. This leads to efficiency.

    • Examine every aspect of your business and how it relates.

    • Once you have a plan in place, use technology to measure effectiveness

    PTR Baler & Compactor has been a leader in this area. We started our “Green Mission” years ago.

    We do this by providing the most effective and durable waste and recycling equipment in the industry. Whether your goals are to reduce waste or to reach zero waste, PTR can help make it happen.

    Our Vertical Downstroke Balers divert cardboard, paper, plastics, shrink wrap, aluminum and more, turning these materials into recyclable commodities. With PTR balers and compactors, your company can achieve (or even exceed) its targeted waste reduction goals.

    Waste and recycling management is key in implementing corporate sustainability policy and practices. When you create less waste, that in turn means less trucks hauling waste to landfills. Less trucks means less pollution-causing emissions. Not to mention, transportation savings for your company.

    You’ll reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint, all the while creating a healthier environment for yourself and your employees, and your community. Plus, you’ll create an additional revenue stream by turning what was once trash into valuable recyclable commodities.

    PTR has also made it a goal to paperless. We’ve been working on that, because every little bit helps.

    So take some time with your team to explore how your business can do it’s part to help the planet, improve efficiencies, and increase revenue.

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