PTR Parts Catalog – Second Edition Coming Soon!

  • PTR Parts Catalog – Second Edition Coming Soon!

    Second Edition Coming soon!

    Have you signed up for the PTR Parts Catalog? If your organization utilizes a baler or compactor, it’s a must have!

    This comprehensive catalog showcases all available OEM-Certified electrical, hydraulic & mechanical parts. It includes all the replacement parts you could need for your balers, compactors, cart tippers and other waste and recycling equipment. This catalog also features Standard & Universal Power Units for pressure shift and by-pass cylinder compactors, as well as Rebuild Kits and packages at competitive prices.


    • Wiring Diagrams – to help simplify the process of troubleshooting.
    • Baler & Compactor Decal Placement Drawings – to help you ensure proper placement of decals on your equipment, a necessity for compliance and employee safety.
    • Smart Maintenance Tips – to help you get optimal performance out of your baler or compactor.

    To sign up, visit, and provide your name and address to send your physical copy.

    Because quality parts help guarantee the uninterrupted, optimal performance of your baler or compactor, we also send out a monthly PTR Parts Email Newsletter. It often includes special priced units or kits! Don’t miss limited-time offers and deals by subscribing to our Parts Mailing List!

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    Questions? Please contact:

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    Endri Frasheri
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