The Quiet Pump Power Unit – Another Useful Innovation from PTR Baler & Compactor

  • The Quiet Pump Power Unit – Another Useful Innovation from PTR Baler & Compactor

    We focus on every detail when we work on innovation here at PTR Baler & Compactor. Noise is often unavoidable in certain work environments. As we explored how to reduce the noise our balers make, the Quiet Pump Power Unit was developed. And we discovered additional benefits derived from this new innovation.

    This revolutionary PTR Quiet Pump now comes standard on our Smart Baler. So not only can you enjoy increased safety, a user friendly interface and exact data from your Smart Baler – it can also operate without being so loud.

    The quiet pump operates at around 60 decibels, which is comparable to a quiet conversation. Its benefits are exponential beyond the reduction of dangerous decibel levels. It results in a better performance, more productive employees, less maintenance, cost savings and more.

    Reduces noise levels

    • Helps prevent hearing damage from prolonged exposure to noise.
    • Makes for a safer environment – Enhances the ability of employees to hear more critical noises.
    • Improves employee well being & workplace moral, leading to increased productivity.
    • Lowers distracting sound produced by back room, which heightens overall customer experience.

    Reduces pressure, vibration and shock to the system

    • Lengthens life of the baler.
    • Improves efficiency and performs much smoother, resulting in less frequent maintenance.
    • Overall cost savings due to increased longevity and less necessary maintenance.

    PTR continues to innovate, with the goal of improving operations at your facility. The Smart Baler will increase safety, productivity and efficiency, while helping your company reach and exceed it’s sustainability goals.  Click here to learn more.