The Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit

  • The Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit

    The triple bottom line couldn’t be more relevant or important in this day and age. This approach expands traditional business success metrics to include a business’ impact on not only profits, but also their employees and the planet.

    This isn’t a trendy catch phrase – it yields real, meaningful and sometimes surprising results. At PTR Baler & Compactor we have a strong focus on our people, our planet and profit. This is part of our core values and who we are

    We have always realized that our team is our most important asset. A stellar benefits package and competitive pay serves as the foundation. We also provide support for continuing education. This allows for personal growth and added value to our team. They can evolve with the company as it grows. We also listen, which couldn’t be more important, to our teams concerns, ideas and aspirations. This is why some of our people have worked with us for decades. They feel like they’re part of something and are proud of the work they do. They’re also supportive of our care for the planet.

    Our commitment to recycling and sustainability has deep roots in the essence of what we do. Our vertical balers allow everyone from small junkyards to our Fortune 500 clients properly manage and recycle their waste. When you think of all our clients recycling efforts combined and the beneficial impact that has the planet its staggering! We sell both new and rebuilt balers, so virtually any business can start a recycling program. And we’re with them every step of the way. From repairs to reduce down time to upgrades as we innovate, PTR supports recycling programs all across the country in every industry. We make it easy for our clients to put the planet first. Taking this approach does involve challenging some assumptions and trying new things. Sometimes efficiencies are discovered or a more cost effective way is revealed. Being eco-friendly does not mean it has to be more expensive!

    Of course every business is in business to turn a profit. A company with health cash flow can stay focused on their goals for their people and the planet. It allows for proper research and development, so the company can evolve and adapt. And PTR gives back – working with the community and their neighborhood to improve quality of life all while paying our employees competitive wages so they can stay happy and healthy.

    Every business can take this approach. And when they do it benefits their team, our planet and in turn makes the world that much of a better place.