To Meet Rising Demand Companies are Doubling Down on Recycling Efforts

  • To Meet Rising Demand Companies are Doubling Down on Recycling Efforts

    As the need for raw materials only continues to grow, along with the global population, more companies are turning to recycling and relying on recycled materials. The United States used 11% more aluminum in 2021. That is significant and just one example of the growing need across all industries. The US Steel industry already produces about 40% of the country’s aluminum from recycling scrap. And about 70% of aluminum cans are made from recycled aluminum. 

    This is no easy task, but companies are adapting. Artificial intelligence is already being tested and used to sort scrap. This potentially hazardous job can be done by robots, improving safety a great deal. It also helps with the purity of the stream of waste. This technology still has a long way to go, but its a great start and is already in full use at Ecorparc 4 in Barcelona, Spain.

    And its not just aluminum. BMW has plans to utilize plastic waste from the ocean to make things like floor mats. The recycling shift will reduce their carbon footprint by about 25% they said. This is true innovation and makes sense on all levels.

    Of course recycling benefits the environment. So its a good thing that it helps both the environment and the bottom line. This makes it way easier for companies to start or increase recycling efforts. The price for recycled beverage aluminum cans is up over 79% in the past year. The price of old aluminum scrap sheet is about 40% higher than a year ago. It clearly makes sense on all levels to recycle.

    Speaking of the environment, PTR makes a solar powered compactor: The Polaris Power System.


    The primary components of the solar power option include:

    • Two 42 volt PV Photovoltaic Solar Panels,Each rated at 350 Watt. This converts sunlight into DC for powering and charing the machine.
    • 6KW inverter with built in AC charger and built in Solar MPPT charger.
    • 48 VDC 120Ah Battery Pack. This stores energy potential for machine power.
    • Auxiliary Power to run the compactor. There are 2 option here. The first requires the operator to install a 120VAC 30Amp power line. The second line provides a 100ft plug in cord that can be powered by an 15amp convenience outlet for supplemental charging.

    PTR offers many options for recycling programs. We make a wide assortment of vertical balers that can handle all types of materials. We also offer rebuilt vertical balers – they go through a rigorous inspection and fine tuning and they’re good to go. Whether you’re a retailer or a junkyard, starting a recycling program has numerous benefits. The extra revenue will eventually pay for any equipment you need to set up. Plus you’re helping the environment – which your customers will like to see. 

    Contact us today to learn more about starting or enhancing your recycling efforts!