Update on Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

  • Update on Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

    Hurricane Maria made direct landfall on Puerto Rico on September 20th, bringing down feet of torrential rain. It devastated the island and the 3.4 million US citizens who live there. When Maria hit, 60,000 people were already without power following Hurricane Irma, exacerbating the dire conditions that much more.

    Maria was the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico in 80 years. Now, nearly a month later, much of the island is still without electricity. Clean drinking water and food is scarce. Cell service is down, so many people in the states have not been able to speak to their family and friends on the island for weeks.


    PTR representatives, Carlos Gonzalez and Enrique Diaz, have been delivering food and water to the rural areas of Puerto Rico. The food is being prepared and distributed from a local arena. The duo have teamed up with other companies in the area to help with relief efforts as well. Currently, there are about 20,000 people in shelters, and even more are living in the rural areas without any shelter at all.

    PTR’s CEO Mike Savage offered the following message:“I want to thank Carlos Gonzalez and Enrique Diaz for their hard work and sacrifice in traveling to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix over the last few weeks helping our customers in those ravaged islands get back on their feet. They have been away from their families doing so much great work on behalf of PTR and we are all very grateful. They went the extra mile over the last two weekends and delivered water and food to towns that are more remote and in dire need of help…Thank you, Carlos and Enrique, for making us so proud!”

    PTR Baler & Company is proud to have people like Carlos Gonzalez and Enrique Diaz on our team. We thank them tremendously for all of their efforts. If you are interested in learning ways you can help with Puerto Rico relief, visit one of the sites listed below.