Why PTR Baler & Compactor is the best choice for Vertical Balers

  • Why PTR Baler & Compactor is the best choice for Vertical Balers

    PTR represents years of developmental design, testing, and quality control.

    With the cost of steel, a lot of the competitors may be tempted to lighten / change their products main ingredients (safety switches, gauge of steel, change their major components of power unit / cylinder). PTR prides itself on our uncompromising design, and time tested performance. It’s times like this when commodity increases are occurring we keep these commitments to our customers & equipment design. And don’t forget – all of our equipment is made in the U.S.A.

    Service centers in all 50 states
    24/7 service is just a phone call away. Everything from general maintenance to emergency service calls.

    We make vertical balers suited for Supermarkets, Retail Chains, Hospitals, Hotels & Malls, Warehouses, Recycling Centers Retail Chains, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Plants and more!

    Smart Baler Option
    Our Smart Baler option comes with a user-friendly touchscreen panel, keyless operation, fingerprint reader, triple safety switch, precise weights, accurate data readings and reporting, quiet pump power unit.

    Rebuilt Balers
    PTR’s certified Pre-owned equipment is an economical solution to your recycling needs. Each certified machine must pass our 52-point inspection process and is reconditioned to ‘like-new’ quality. Each unit is painted and has all safety stickers reapplied. Covered by a full 90 day parts and labor warranty, you can have peace of mind
    that your equipment is built to last.