PTR Compactors: Self-Contained or Stationary?

  • PTR Compactors: Self-Contained or Stationary?

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    Many businesses benefit greatly from utilizing a PTR compactor to manage their waste. The two most commonly used types of compactors are Self-Contained and Stationary. They both accomplish basically the same main goal- compress, and in turn minimize, your organizations waste output. This means reduced collection costs and less frequent hauls to the landfill. These benefits are not only cost-saving to your company, but help you reach sustainability goals, as well- fewer trips to the landfill mean less carbon emissions.


    • Odor control
    • Decreases fire hazards
    • Less insects and rodent issues
    • Saves critical floor space
    • Makes work environment cleaner and therefore safer and more sanitary
    • Improves appearance of your facility
    • Greatly increases efficiency
    • Reduces likelihood of scavengers or unauthorized persons accessing your trash

    Now that we’ve discussed the similarities between Self-Contained and Stationary compactors, let’s talk about the differences.

    Generally, this type of compactor is used for granulated or wet waste. If the waste material your typically dealing with creates liquid when it’s compacted, a Self-Contained machine is the way to go. The compactor has a container attached to it that collects all the liquid, so it can be properly disposed of. PTR compactors have leak guard so you can rest-assured you won’t have any unwanted messes to clean up.

    These compactors may be ideal for restaurants, hospitals, malls, movie theaters, supermarkets and food processors.

    If your organization deals with mostly dry waste, a Stationary compactor would be the best choice for you. This would be ideal for material that’s not recyclable (that’s where a PTR Vertical Baler would come into play). If the material is truly non-recyclable, this is the best way to properly dispose of it and minimize it’s impact on the environment.

    Stationary compactors, like the name suggests, are not easily moved and are anchored to the ground where they are places. So, be sure to consider all your options prior to installation. Our experts can help make sure you choose the ideal location.

    Government institutions, universities, apartment buildings, waste haulers, clothing and merchandise chains and more are among the organizations who would find a Stationary machine ideal. We can even customize your compactors paint to match your branding! Check out our blog on customization here.

    Contact us to learn more about our waste equipment, and what makes PTR different from other baler and compactor manufacturers.